Turan-Astana Science Week

IMG_0867As part of the Science Week at the university department of social and humanities it has been planned a number of activities. 14.04.2016 years the faculty of the departmentSHDorganized a seminarconference onAspects of the study of the Turkic worldamong students of 1, 2, 3 university courses. The secondary school students attended the seminar took number 51, 41 and college studentsLingua ” ( Astana). The purpose of the eventto raise interest in and commitment to science among the younger generation. At the seminar participants discussed topical issues of the development of language, literature, history and culture of the IMG_0899Turkic world. And also, winners of the international competition were honored the winners of the international competitionGranite science – 5”. For the best scientific work awarded diplomas and medals in the following 1-2 undergraduates courses Kazakh and literature Abzhalova W., Abuyeva A., Baygeldina I., Kalieva J. and 2nd year students Kazakh and literature Talipova N., Saparaly B., Moynaқova A., Batyrkhan J.

Responsible manager: Candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor Iskakova Zh.M.


As part of the Science Week at the University “Turan-Astana” department of Social sciences and Humanities organized a seminar for students on the themeLearning a foreign language with the help of online resourceson April 15. The purpose of the seminar is study of foreign languages with the help of modern methods. At the seminar students presented the efficient use of advanced mobile applications in the study of English and Korean languages. Also, 3rd year student with major in “Translation Studies” S. Zhanseyt shared with her experience in the development of language by ProgramWork and Travel”. Young polyglots actively use such mobile applications as: “Lingualeo”, “Busuu”, “Duolingo”, “Hello Talk” and “Kakako talk”.

Responsible for this seminar: senior teachers Yusbekova N.N, Demesinova LM, and lecturer Imanbaeva Zh.K

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