(Kazakh) Дизайн мамындығы бойынша өткізілген олимпиада жүлдегерлері

3In accordance with the schedule of the Republican student Olympiad 2015-2016 academic year, April 7-8, 2016 at KazHACA, Almaty was held Olympiad on specialty 5В042100 Design. University “Turan-Astana” was presented to the winners of I stage University the following students

Zhumagalieva Zarina gr.D-101-4 (based on E&PT), d/b

Kaukenov Nurlan gr.Д402, d/b.

The science supervisor of the students is candidate of technical sciences, associate Professor of the Department “Design, Service and TourismUmralieva Bela Illarionovna

Olympiad on specialty 5В042100-Design was carried out in the form of assignments in the following disciplines:

3rd course Elements and processes of profile design: clausura on themeDeveloping sketches of decorating books of the genrefantasyin hard cover;

4th course – Design of facilities of the profile design: clausura on themeDevelopment of sketches of the logo and elements of corporate style for the company, which produces food.

Clausura had to be performed in free technique, on the A1 within 4 hours.

In the Republican Olympiad on specialty 5В042100 Design was attended by 60 students from 15 universities of Kazakhstan. According to the results of the Republican Olympiad for clausura onDeveloping sketches of decorating books of the genrefantasyhardcoverІІІ place was won by the student of gr. D-101-4 (E&PT) Zarina Zhumagalieva.
1 The participants of the Republican Olympiad in the winter garden reading room KazHACA





2 The awarding of the student Zhumagalieva Zarina and supervisor Umralieva B. I. the diploma of the III degree.

Art education and aesthetic education in the Eurasian educational spacean international scientific-practical online-conference

банер An international scientific-practical online-conferenceArt education and aesthetic education in the Eurasian educational spacewas organized on 15 April 2016 in the city of Astana . The online conference was attended by prominent leading scientists of Universities of Kazakhstan and Russia. Among the participants there were teachers, researchers, graduate students, undergraduates, doctoral students, job seekers. Among them were prominent scientists of Kazakhstan and Russia. The conference was also attended by the rector of “Turan-Astana” University, candidate of economic sciences, Professor Japarova Gulzhamal Alkenovna, the vice-rector of Turan-Astana University, doctor of technical sciences, professor Temirkhan Anapiyaevich Tolkynbaev, head of EMC (educational-methodical committee) at the MSPU of Russia, Chairman of Dissertation Council at MSPU, head of the painting department of MSPU. The MRSU, academician RAE and RAA, academician-secretary of the RAE, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Stanislav Petrovich Lomov, Moscow. Dean of the faculty of Information technologies and Services, candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Baurzhan Muratbekovich Iskakov, head of “Design, Service and Tourismdepartment of Turan-Astana University, Seitkali Abdykadyrovich Amanzholov; the son of a famous soviet psychologist, I. E. Ignatiev; doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of the department of art-graphic faculty, MSPU, Sergey Evgen’evich Ignatiev, Moscow; Director of the Institute of Arts of Omsk State University, academician of RAE, doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Leonid Georgievich Medvedev, Omsk; Director of the Institute of Arts of MSPU, doctor of culturology Guzalia Ilgizovna Fazylzyanova. Moscow, Russia; head ofEngineering graphics and designdepartment in ENU named by L.N.Gumilev, Auez Kenesbekovich Baidabekov, Astana, Kazakhstan; doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, director of the Omsk branch HSFA (higher school of folk arts) Kayirtai Zhakupovich Amirgazin, Omsk, Russia; Vice-rector of SKSU by named M.Auezov, professor Sadibek Kalmakhanovich Beisenbayev, Shymkent; doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of department of art-graphic faculty MSPU, Rauf Chinchorovic Bartsits, Moscow; dean of the faculty offine arts and folk crafts”, MRSU, candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor Pavel Dmitrievich Chistov, Moscow, Russia; vice-rector for science of the SKSPI, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Medeubek Zhumatovich Tanirbergenov, Shymkent, Kazakhstan; the Famous scientist in the field of pedagogical education, honoured worker of higher education of Russia, professor of the Oryol State University named by I.S.Turgenev, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Anatoly Semenovich Khvorostov and leading specialist designer, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Dmitry Anatolyevich Khvorostov Oryol, Russia.

After the plenary part thefree microfonwas arranged on the most interesting issues: “Scientific school of N.N. Rostovtsev, V.S. Kuzin in modern educational space”, “Lomov S. P. scientist, teacher, artist and creative organizer”, “Eurasian integration of artistic and pedagogical education and the role of IAFAE”, “the Problem of art and art education in the context of globalization”, “art in the system of additional education”, “Artistic labor, technology and design in connection with fine arts lessons in the system of secondary schools”. During the online conference were discussed the problems of modern art and vocational pedagogy, addressed issues of integration of modern art of the two countries exchanged views on issues of interest. A special place in the online conference took speech, which was held for all the participants of the online conference by a leading scientist of Russia in the field of artistic and professional education, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, RAE academician of RAE of RAA and Lomov S. P.

All participants of the online conference noted the necessity of holding such events, thanked the organizers for facilitating the cooperation. In the course of working together, were developed ways of solving problems, and following the conference a resolution was adopted, and will be released in the scientific journal (after the conference)

The Moderator: Head of “Design, Service and Tourismdepartment, Turan-Astana University, doctor of pedagogical sciences, member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan and Russia, Seitkali Abdykadyrovich Amanzholov.

Devaluation. Dedollorizationand exhibition-competition of studentsworks


Within a Week of science at Finance and Management department on April 12, 2016 at the same time passed a scientific seminar on a subject: “Devaluation. Dedollarizationand exhibition competition of educational and creative works of students.

Students of the specialties “Finance” and “Public and Local Administrationhave participated in a seminar: Smagulova Aisha and Sarsen Kurmanay with reports on a subject: “Inflationary processes in Kazakhstan”, Tuzemov Damir – “Dedollarization of economy”, Valchuk Yulia – “Inflationary targeting: international experience”, Ershina Aysulu – “Inflationary targeting in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Akhmediyeva Ayzhan and Suiynysheva Erkemay – “Devaluation of tenge”.

During a seminar has been considered a number of questions, concerning carrying out a monetary policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the conditions of crisis and the measures taken by government bodies of the power for control over a rate of inflation in the country.

The seminar has taken place in a form of active dialogue. According to all participants of a seminar, similar experience of participation of students is necessary for development for both individual, and cathedral and university scientific activity.

«Student Spring-2016» festival medalists


«Student Spring-2016» festival (ZHASTAR ZHALYNY-2016) was held in Astana from 8 to 12 April . Students of the University have been successful in two categories: «Best Student Club» and «Competition for the best fans», taking respectively 1st and 3rd place.

IMG_0945In the nomination «Best Student Club» students presented the student theater of the University. The presentation of the theater was made by second- year students Bulatova Madina (KTA-201) and Suleimenov Almas ( MZHB-201). On court of jury were presented with the actors, the historyof the theater, its repertoire, performances on the stage of history, and the prospects for further development.





IMG_0929In the nomination «Competition for the best fans», our students, led by the chairman of Student Committee, Khamitov Sapar, showed how to cheer for their university. Chants, sound effects, friendly applause supported the moral and fighting spirit of the contestants of the University.

Turan-Astana Science Week

IMG_0867As part of the Science Week at the university department of social and humanities it has been planned a number of activities. 14.04.2016 years the faculty of the departmentSHDorganized a seminarconference onAspects of the study of the Turkic worldamong students of 1, 2, 3 university courses. The secondary school students attended the seminar took number 51, 41 and college studentsLingua ” ( Astana). The purpose of the eventto raise interest in and commitment to science among the younger generation. At the seminar participants discussed topical issues of the development of language, literature, history and culture of the IMG_0899Turkic world. And also, winners of the international competition were honored the winners of the international competitionGranite science – 5”. For the best scientific work awarded diplomas and medals in the following 1-2 undergraduates courses Kazakh and literature Abzhalova W., Abuyeva A., Baygeldina I., Kalieva J. and 2nd year students Kazakh and literature Talipova N., Saparaly B., Moynaқova A., Batyrkhan J.

Responsible manager: Candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor Iskakova Zh.M.


As part of the Science Week at the University “Turan-Astana” department of Social sciences and Humanities organized a seminar for students on the themeLearning a foreign language with the help of online resourceson April 15. The purpose of the seminar is study of foreign languages with the help of modern methods. At the seminar students presented the efficient use of advanced mobile applications in the study of English and Korean languages. Also, 3rd year student with major in “Translation Studies” S. Zhanseyt shared with her experience in the development of language by ProgramWork and Travel”. Young polyglots actively use such mobile applications as: “Lingualeo”, “Busuu”, “Duolingo”, “Hello Talk” and “Kakako talk”.

Responsible for this seminar: senior teachers Yusbekova N.N, Demesinova LM, and lecturer Imanbaeva Zh.K

Сelebration of the International Day of Aviation and Astronautics

IMG_0537On April 11, the eve of the celebration of the International Day of Aviation
and Astronautics Turan Astana University heldCourage lessondedicated to the hero of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, the first Kazakh astronaut,test pilot, Major General, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor-Tokhtar Aubakirov Ongarbaevich jointly with the national military patriotic center of the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Exhibition of scientific, creative and scientific–methodical achievements of the faculty of “Design, Service and Tourismdepartment

IMG_0808At the opening ceremony : the rector of “Turan-Astana” University, Professor Japarova G.A.; Vice-rector on scientific work, Talkanbaev T. A.; dean of the faculty of Information Technologies and Service, Iskakov, Ph.D. B.M.; head ofEngineering graphics and designdepartment of ENU. L. N. Gumilev, doctor of technical Sciences, Balgabekov A. D.; the Chairman of the Union of artists of Astana, Tokhtar Ermek, head of the international Department of the fine arts of Palace of Schoolchildren in Astana, member of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan, E. Dosmaganbetov.

IMG_0819The aim of the exhibition is to acquaint the public with the scientific, creative and research achievements of “Design, Service and TourismDepartment, a call to realize the potential of our country, for creative solutions and implementation of ideas.

IMG_0828The exhibition has presented fundamental works of b.N., Professor Myrzahanova N. M. doctor of pedagogy, Professor Nikitinsky E. S., D. SC., Professor Dostay J. D., Ph. D., Professor Amanzholov S. A., at the exhibition in addition to scientific, creative and scientific–methodical achievements of the faculty of the Department “Design, Service and Tourismwere presented creative works, paintings and various works of all types from all genres of decorative and applied arts: oil and acrylic paintings, painting, leatherwork and bone, sculpture, tapestry, batik and stained glass by member of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan, Nazarkul A. S., Ph.D. and assistant Professor, Ms. Umralieva.

IMG_0833 IMG_0829 IMG_0815

Nazarkul A. S.

Chairman of the organizing committee–head of the Department “Design, Service and Tourism”, Amanzholov S. A.