Perspectives of some school mathematics materials in applied science


On March 29, 2017 a round table was held on the following topic “Perspectives of some topics of school mathematics in applied science” of the “Information Technologies” department of the University “Turan-Astana”.
The Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations of the University “Turan-Astana”, doctor of Technical Sciences, professor T.A. Tolkynbayev delivered with a welcoming speech for participants.

Well-known scientists-methodologists of higher educational institutions took part in the work of the round table: сandidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor Tashatov N.N. (ENU named after L.N Gumilyov), сandidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate Professor Sergibiev R.A. (ENU named after L.N Gumilyov), candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor Zhantilezov Zh.Kh. (Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin), methodologist Kanapyanova G.I. (Education Department of Astana), Brusevich T.A. (Director of the school number 28) and experienced teachers, methodologists of schools and colleges in Astana and undergraduates.

IMG_6927Moderator of the round table – senior lecturer Suleimenov Kenesary Mashimovich.

Presentations were made by : the methodologist of the Education Department of Astana- Kanapyanova G.I. with the theme “The system of the mathematics teacher’s work on preparing students for their final certification”. Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor N.N with the topic “Applications Digital signal processing in cryptography” ,candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate Professor Sergibaev R.A. with the topic” The process of orthogonalization of the basis and the decomposition of the vector in the orthogonal basis “,candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor Zhantilezov Zh.Kh. with the topic “Digital Signal Processing in Embedding”, senior teacher Suleimenov K.M with the topic “System of orthogonal functions and their applications in digital signal processing”, master, senior lecturer Zharmakin B.K. with the topic “Digital Signal Processing in Electronic Technology”, master, senior Teacher Esentemirova A.K. with the topic “Peculiarities of studying vectors in school mathematics”, master, senior teacher Abdrakhmanova A.Z .with the topic “About some applications of digital signal processing”, teacher Torgayev G.Zh. with the subject “The set and operations over them,” the mathematics teacher Syzdykova A.B. with the topic “Function in the school course of mathematics”, the teacher of mathematics Kasymova G.S. with the theme “Set and operations over them.”

Participants of the round table actively discussed the actual problem of school education, which concerns the study of vectors in school mathematics, as well as the generalization of the scalar product of vectors to functions and further development in the application of the orthogonal system of functions in digital signal processing.

Following the results of the roundtable, the following recommendations were proposed:

  • Studying the process of base orthogonalization in three-dimensional space with teachers and schoolchildren in Astana;
  • Studying the simplest orthogonal systems of functions with teachers and schoolchildren in Astana
  • Conducting seminars on the program complex “LabView”
  • Conducting master classes for teachers and schoolchildren in Astana on the program complex “LabView”.


Welcome, great Nauryz!

IMG_6748On March 17, one more performance of “Bolashak” student
theater of “Turan-Astana” University took place in the assembly
hall of the university. The premiere aroused public interest.
The performance titledKosh keldin, az Nauryz!” was dedicated
to the celebration of Nauryz.


IMG_6722The perdormance clearly traces the story line, massive scenes
convey festive atmosphere and mood of people, which is passed
on to the audience. According to the scenario, a foreign tourist
arrives in one of the villages, who wants to learn more about local
culture, customs and traditions of Kazakh people.


IMG_6734She is keenly interested in localslife. At the same time, guests from
the neighborhood come to the village, they were greeted with kindness
and warmth. During the performance characters speak about Kazakh
traditional cuisine, secrets of preparing traditional festive dish


IMG_6790The performance ends with the blessing of the aksakal and the wishes
for unity and prosperity.

After all, the real strength of our nation comes from the unity!