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(Russian) The concert of the State Philharmonic Society

img_5113On the occasion of the celebration of 25th Anniversary of the
Independence of Kazakhstan, a big concert of Astana State
Philarmonic Academy was held for students, staff and faculty
of Turan-Astana in university’s concert hall



x0e9lzidwpwThe concert program included “Shalkyma” folk dance ensemble
with performances such as “they tolgau”, “Kelіnshek ", "Battery қyzdar”,
“Shattyk”, “Kerіm is”, “Shashu”; folklore group “Korkyt” who performed
folk melodies such as “Adai” Kurmangazi, “Koroglu ” N.Tlendieva and
“Alash” T.Berdygulova.


pe7kvrdxhmuWell-known songs of Kazakh famous composers were performed by
Comfortable to Begasylov, Zhanerke Khasenov, Bauyrzhan Nurumbetova
and Nuraya Tanabaeva.




(Kazakh) Тәуелсіздік күніне арналған әдеби кеш

img_51457.12.2016g. On the occasion of celebration of the 25th anniversary
of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1st year students
of “Kazakh language and literature” department organized a literary
evening entitledMenkazakpyn, myn olip, myn tirilgen”.
During the evening of poetry, students read poems of their own composition,
and gave an opportunity to plunge into the depths of history.

At the end of the event Z.E. Kolumbaeva, Chair of “Social and humanitarian disciplines” as well as group curator
spoke with words of gratitude. The audience really enjoyed the event.

“Youth of Kazakhstan – the beginning of a bright future.”

img_4976Department of “Social and humanitarian disciplines” and “Psychology and Pedagogy»
held an event in the youth platform format on November 30, 2016, devoted to the 25th
anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan entitled “Youth of Kazakhstan –
the beginning of a bright future”. The following groups took part in the program:
“Jurisprudence” – 301, “Translation” – 301, “Kazakh language and Literature” – 201,
“Design” – 301, “Tourism” – 301, “Psychology” – 301 and “Computer equipment »- 301.


img_4962The themes of the participants of the youth platform were:

– The anniversary of the 25th anniversary of Independence of
the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– Past, current, future;
– The problems of knowledge, science among young people.


img_4972The event program included:

– Screening of the film on the subject;

– Performance reports;

– Tthree best essays Award;

– Reading poems.

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of independence of our republic!

(Kazakh) "Not? where? When?Intellectual game "

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(Russian) Features articles in rating journals

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National Currency Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan at Turan-Astana University

A meeting of students with leading financiers, dedicated to The Day of the National Currency
of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Day of the financier, was held at “Turan-Astana” University.

The event was organized by the Department of Economics and business innovation”. Experts
working in this field told about intricacies and peculiarities of the profession during the round
table entitledThe global problems of finance and economy” that was held on the occasion of
Financier day. Guests held an interesting lecture on the features of financial market to improve
the financial literacy of students and strengthen their knowledge in the field of financial regulations.

Performance of the guests has drawn the interest of students and helped to find answers.

A competition of wall newspapers and handicrafts was held to mark this important date.