(Kazakh) Our team held up the next round of the League

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Welcome, great Nauryz!

IMG_6748On March 17, one more performance of “Bolashak” student
theater of “Turan-Astana” University took place in the assembly
hall of the university. The premiere aroused public interest.
The performance titledKosh keldin, az Nauryz!” was dedicated
to the celebration of Nauryz.


IMG_6722The perdormance clearly traces the story line, massive scenes
convey festive atmosphere and mood of people, which is passed
on to the audience. According to the scenario, a foreign tourist
arrives in one of the villages, who wants to learn more about local
culture, customs and traditions of Kazakh people.


IMG_6734She is keenly interested in localslife. At the same time, guests from
the neighborhood come to the village, they were greeted with kindness
and warmth. During the performance characters speak about Kazakh
traditional cuisine, secrets of preparing traditional festive dish


IMG_6790The performance ends with the blessing of the aksakal and the wishes
for unity and prosperity.

After all, the real strength of our nation comes from the unity!