FIRE Universiade

On 25 January, Nazarbayev University held an official ceremony of lighting the Flame of the 28th World Winter Universiade-2017. Staff, faculty and students of the University “Turan-Astana” took in the ceremony of lighting the fire the most active part, because it is a holiday for the entire international students.

Before you break out in a huge bowl of the Olympic Village in the city of Almaty has to overcome a huge fire route length of 22 500 km, of which 200 kilometers will carry its torchbearers.

It is gratifying to state that our university students, excellent pupils and activists have invested their contribution to overcoming the Universiade torch relay -2017. It Eginzhanov Days, a student of 3rd course of the specialty “Jurisprudence”, winner of the scholarship of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Halyk Қararmany, cosmonaut tokhir Aubakirov; Ospan Kamil is a student of 3rd course of the specialty “Accounting and Auditing”, excellent students, YFC member; Umbetaliev Adilkhan, student of the 2nd course of the specialty “Jurisprudence, excellent students, YFC member.

Despite the awful weather, our children adequately coped with their mission, carried the fire on the allotted route and handed him over to the other participants of the relay.

(Russian) Суббота – Open Day!

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(Russian) The concert of the State Philharmonic Society

img_5113On the occasion of the celebration of 25th Anniversary of the
Independence of Kazakhstan, a big concert of Astana State
Philarmonic Academy was held for students, staff and faculty
of Turan-Astana in university’s concert hall



x0e9lzidwpwThe concert program included “Shalkyma” folk dance ensemble
with performances such as “they tolgau”, “Kelіnshek ", "Battery қyzdar”,
“Shattyk”, “Kerіm is”, “Shashu”; folklore group “Korkyt” who performed
folk melodies such as “Adai” Kurmangazi, “Koroglu ” N.Tlendieva and
“Alash” T.Berdygulova.


pe7kvrdxhmuWell-known songs of Kazakh famous composers were performed by
Comfortable to Begasylov, Zhanerke Khasenov, Bauyrzhan Nurumbetova
and Nuraya Tanabaeva.




(Kazakh) Тәуелсіздік күніне арналған әдеби кеш

img_51457.12.2016g. On the occasion of celebration of the 25th anniversary
of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1st year students
of “Kazakh language and literature” department organized a literary
evening entitledMenkazakpyn, myn olip, myn tirilgen”.
During the evening of poetry, students read poems of their own composition,
and gave an opportunity to plunge into the depths of history.

At the end of the event Z.E. Kolumbaeva, Chair of “Social and humanitarian disciplines” as well as group curator
spoke with words of gratitude. The audience really enjoyed the event.