Chair “Finance and Management”


Chair of "Finance and Management" trains bachelors and masters in the field: 5V050900, 6M050900 – "Finance", 5V050700, 6M050700 – "Management", 5V051000, 6M051000 – "State and local management".

The chair has a sufficient educational, science, spiritual and educational, innovative and productive capacity, which effectively, in accordance with the most modern approaches, used for the preparation of highly qualified specialists.

Teaching staff of the department consists of highly qualified teachers, doctors and candidates of sciences, with extensive practical experience realized by the Department of Educational Programs.

The mission of the Department "Finance and Management" – providing quality education in the field of finance, management and public administration with the use of innovative educational technologies and active learning methods through the integration of learning processes, of education, scientific and social activities.

The main tasks are the Department:

  • ensure that the full set of teaching materials in the directions finances, management, state and local government;
  • restructuring the educational process on training, ensuring their compliance with the demand in the labor market;
  • development and continuous updating of systems of educational-methodical documentation on fixed specialties;
  • the introduction and widespread use of object-functional training schemes, business games, Keys, modeling of business situations and their practical solutions, etc.;
  • increasing the responsibility of teachers of the department for the final results of the work, testing students to identify the level of knowledge of the disciplines previously passed;
  • development of monitoring work and lecture seminars of the faculty of the Department of;
  • continuous training of the teaching staff of the department (internship with the separation and the job; thesis defense, obtaining academic degrees, etc.);
  • publication of textbooks and manuals on special subjects, assigned to the Department of;
  • Obligatory increased interaction with enterprises g. Astana and Akmola region, training bases practice for students.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are: The National Bank of Kazakhstan, A single accumulative pension fund, JSC "Kazakhstan Stock Exchange", JSC "Kazakhstan Mortgage Company", Commercial Bank RK, Insurance companies, AO "Kazpočta", tax committees, Insurance companies, investment funds, various financial institutions, as well as all sectors of the real economy of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.

University graduates are in demand in the local and foreign labor markets, have leading positions in government, large trading companies, banks and consulting agencies.

AT 2013 , all the specialty of "Finances and Management" passed the institutional accreditation in the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education (IA certificate number 0026 from 06.01.2014).

AT 2014 the Special 5V050900, 6M050900 - Finance received specialized accreditation in the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education (SA Certificate number 0020/1 from 16.06.2014 city)

According to the rating of Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NKAOKO) at 2014 g. for bachelor 5V050900 specialty "Finance" took 9 a place, specialty 5V050700 – "Management" – 5 a place.

specialty 5V050700, 6M050700 - "Management" (The certificate number AB 0489, 0490 from 30.01.2015 city), 5V051000, 6M051000 - "State and local management" (certificate AB 0493, AB 0494 from 30.01.2015 city) We received specialized accreditation from an independent agency for accreditation and rating (.With).


Head of the Department "Finance and Management"

Ph.D., Associate Professor Aida Jagıparova Orintaevna


The faculty of a school chair main resource process. The personnel policy of the department is based on the strategy and goals of the University, policies and long-term plan to ensure the quality of training.

To ensure the quality of employment at the department operates a system of increasing faculty professional development. The administration of the university, the conditions for creative activity of employees according to their individual priorities and scientific skills.

So, faculty of textbooks have been issued in recent years: "Insurance Management and Marketing", "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship", "Outsourcing: theory and practice", "Finance". Methodical recommendations and guidance on all practices, as well as guidelines for the Diploma and master's theses in the field of "Finance", "Management" and "GMU". In all subjects in two languages ​​developed educational-methodical complexes.

At the department planned to further improve the training program, development based on the latest scientific research of new courses and special courses in relation to changing conditions, at the same time preserving the basic training for students. It is planned to further develop relations with some companies, Banks in the field of joint activities for practical training of students.