At «Turan Astana» university the concept and the plan program of educational work directed not only on creation in higher education institution of pedagogically bringing up environment, but also the general atmosphere promoting development of abilities, skills, talents of youth are developed.

Fundamental postulates of this Concept are:

— Formation of stable structure of a student’s asset.

— Development of system of student’s self-government a special role in which carries out the committee on affairs of youth which is the conductor of ideas of student’s youth.

The system of student’s self-government was created at university and therefore its work can be considered as a component of training of future experts.

— Formation of the complete personality having a stock of the moral, intellectual, civil and patriotic qualities necessary for the competitive expert ready actively to work in the changing conditions.

For their realization at university primary party organization of people’s democratic partyNurOtanfunctions.

Students of «Turan Astana» university actively participate in all political, sports, ecological and the cultural events held as at the university, and on the scale of the capital and the republic. It promotes education in students of a high civic stand, the Kazakhstan patriotism and to increase of their public activity.

— Assistance to development of creative, mental, research abilities of student’s youth.

For implementation of this point at the university the scientific centers, councils and clubs run by teachers and students function:

  • scientific centerKazakhstantanu-Kazakhstanovedeniye— the head Doctor of Econ. Sci., professor Aliyev O. Zh.;
  • students’ scientific societyZhasTuran”;
  • a circle on training in game on a dombra (dombra orchestra);
  • dancing circle;
  • arts and crafts circle;
  • circle of oratorical skill;
  • sports clubTuran Astana”.

Students and undergraduates of university take part in annual student’s scientific and practical conferenceZhasTuranwhere the most actual, almost significant problems of modern life of society and youth are discussed. Work of conference promotes development of creative research activity of students. From year to year the number of conferees increases.

Especially caused a stir students are awarded by the management of university.

So, on October 1 at the solemn meeting devoted to celebration of the TeachersDay, the management of university awarded the group of students of the specialty “Tourism” of 9 people which took the third all-command place in an annual city meeting of tourists, the student of the 2 course of the specialty “Translation Studies” Azhgibtsev Alain who took the 2nd place at the competitionTrinity of Languagesheld within a city festival of languages.

— Formation of moral, cultural and spiritual development of students.

For this purpose in university the debate club functions, the traditional competitionMs. Turan Astanais held, reports of creative collectives will be organized, the university student’s newspaperAlma-mater-Turan”, etc. is issued.

In view of all significant dates and events in the history of our country and the world community, the Committee on affairs of youth develops strategy and tactics of educational work where the main idea is enhancement of the best traditions of our university. The system of educational work which developed at the moment promotes formation of the identity of our students, reflects specifics of the higher education institution, supplements its educational program, gives it efficiency and dynamism.

Academic year at university is sated with various actions which are presented in the long-term plan of works published on this website.


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