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“Turan-Astana” University promotes research initiatives, the nurturing of deep thinkers, and the further development of effective professionals who are in demand in the country’s labour market. It carries out educational activities in the field of higher education under the state license series AB 0137367, issued by the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education and Science in 2010. In the same year, the University received its state certification. The university is a member of the educational corporation “Turan” with its complete series of studies.

These include:

• pre-university – high school (Almaty);
• secondary vocational education – colleges (Almaty, Astana);
• Undergraduate – Baccalaureate (“Turan-Astana” University – Astana, “Turan” University – Almaty);
• Masters (“Turan-Astana” University – Astana, “Turan” University – Almaty);
• Post-Graduate – Doctorate (University of “Turan” – Almaty);
• Institute of Retention and Advanced Training (Almaty);
• International Professional Academy “Turan-Profi” (Astana).

This approach towards the education of young people makes good use of all the scientific, educational, and logistical capacities of the educational corporation of “Turan” for the purpose of: creating the necessary conditions for the continuous education of the student; improving their qualifications; and attracting young people for scientific and research work.

The head of the corporation, RK Rahman Alshanov Alshanovich, is a doctor of economic sciences, a professor, an academician of the International Academy of Engineering, and President of the Association of Universities.

The rector of the University “Turan-Astana” is a candidate of economic sciences, Professor Japarova Gulzhamal Alkenovna – “Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”