“Devaluation. Dedollorization” and exhibition-competition of students’ works


Within a Week of science at Finance and Management department on April 12, 2016 at the same time passed a scientific seminar on a subject: “Devaluation. Dedollarization” and exhibition competition of educational and creative works of students.

Students of the specialties “Finance” and “Public and Local Administration” have participated in a seminar: Smagulova Aisha and Sarsen Kurmanay with reports on a subject: “Inflationary processes in Kazakhstan”, Tuzemov Damir – “Dedollarization of economy”, Valchuk Yulia – “Inflationary targeting: international experience”, Bershin cynics – “Inflationary targeting in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Akhmediyeva Ayzhan and Suiynysheva Erkemay – “Devaluation of tenge”.

During a seminar has been considered a number of questions, concerning carrying out a monetary policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the conditions of crisis and the measures taken by government bodies of the power for control over a rate of inflation in the country.

The seminar has taken place in a form of active dialogue. According to all participants of a seminar, similar experience of participation of students is necessary for development for both individual, and cathedral and university scientific activity.

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