The Round table “The youth of today and national identity”

IMG_0184 On the 9th February in the conference hall of the second academic building the Committee on Youth Affairs of the University organized a round table devoted to the Youth Day on the theme: “The youth of today, and national identity.

With a welcoming speech to the participants of the round table addressed the pro-rector on educational and social work of the University Ayapbergenov B.K. In his speech, he drew attention to the enormous creative power of society in the face of the youth, the role in the formation and development of the state. He invoke on all creative work and active participation in the promotion of national values in the education of young people.

Moderator of the round table Kalikov RKChairman of the SMU, the head of debate club, spoke about the achievements of the debate movement in the university and the country as a whole. He shared his experience of organizing and participating in various national and international tournaments.

IMG_0199Chairman of KDM in University Khamitov Sapar shared experience, what has been achieved, what goals and objectives set itself the Youth Committee university “Turan – Astana”. The roundtable touched on the history of the Scout Movement, the youth organization of the

Soviet Union, the youth subcultures, the history of beauty contests. Keynote speakers in this regard were made by the students of the first and second courses of the University “Turan-Astana” Sizdikova A., Orumbayev D., Dzhumatayeva K., Isyna A. Eginzhanov Dias told about the mission of student football league, where he take part in.
At the end of the meeting participants adopted a number of recommendations to the work of the CDM in this direction.

IMG_0206 On the 9th February was meeting of students with the representatives of the Center for Research on Religion Kudaibergen Moldir, Malikazhdarov Ablayhan and Iman of mosqueHazrat SultanOtkelbayev Bakytzhan Muptiadiluly.

During the meeting, the guests were told the students about the destructive pseudo-religious organizations, destroying the consciousness of the individual, violate human rights and freedom, causing mental and physical harm to humans, especially young people. They noted the main features of destructive cults and pseudo-religious organizations.

Familiarize students with the rules of conduct at a meeting with members of the pseudo-religious groups.

During the meeting were demonstrated videos with Anti-Extremism character.

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