At university the plan of work on the organization of internal and external academic mobility trained for 2014-2015 academic year, the Provision on the organization of the academic mobility within the Kazakhstan system of retake of the credits as ECTS, information package of educational programs of university is developed.

Now the university successfully realizes programs of external and internal academic mobility.

Internal (intra Kazakhstan) academic mobility is a movement trained, teachers-researchers or carrying out researches for a certain academic period: a semester, or academic year in other higher educational institution of Kazakhstan with obligatory retake of the mastered educational programs in type of loan in the higher education institution or for continuation of study in other higher education institution.

Ensuring internal academic mobility carries out Department of the academic mobility (The coordinator of programs of the academic mobility).

Internal academic mobility of the trained is realized according to the order approved by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan of April 20, 2011 No. 152.

Today contracts on mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of the academic mobility trained and PPS are available with higher education institutions of the CIS countries and Kazakhstan: MSU of M. V. Lomonosov, Institute of humanitarian researches of the Tyumen state university, the Crimean engineering and pedagogical university, the Kyrgyz state academy of physical culture and sport, the Siberian institute of business and information technologies, the Siberian state automobile and road academy, the Vladimir institute of business, University of foreign languages and business career, Almaty university of continuous education, the Euroasian institute of the market, Almaty academy of economy and statistics, the Karaganda university “Bolashak”, the Kazakh economic university of T. Ryskulov, the Kazakh university of economy, finance and international trade.

External academic mobility at university is carried out through realization of the following mechanisms:

— departure of students on theoretical and practical preparation abroad on educational programs;

— the organization of a summer semester for separate educational programs with the invitation of teachers and students from other higher education institutions for ensuring mobility;

— the organization of training for PPS in foreign higher education institutions for the purpose of expansion of the academic exchange.

Subject of agreements is cooperation between partner higher education institutions on ensuring the academic mobility of students, undergraduates in the sphere of science and education.


Our foreign partners

The Turan Astana University signed contracts on mutual cooperation with universities and the organizations of the following countries today: Russia, Turkey, China, Germany, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Malaysia, Hungary, Switzerland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Belarus

You can study the full list of contracts on cooperation with higher education institutions here.

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