Aknur Tokmambetova

Students Aknur Tokmambetova - 4 course Humanities – Faculty of Law, trained on a specialty “Translation Studies”. It is excellent students, fond of poetry. Very fond of Kazakh literature classics. In his free time writing poetry. We offer you one of the poems.

T?wounds -Astana

Hello ?I adirli? ?she is?th,

A? Dedication wishes to you ??radym.

the country? prospective mate?If you have an

T?Do ranımmen?I will be a time.

* * *

??WELCOME Let month?food?to the door?,

?asyetti "T?the name of the Russian Academy of Sciences "?.

ABOUT?u n?type drinks?Young people from the?a

shaken? knowledge you? a? the cradle of the.

* * *

University student? home to,

B?These settlements ?noise?narrow ?passed as.

?difficulties?and, ?as with wanışta

M??Conti really become friends with.

* * *

the future?you? Specialists t?p ahead,

cooperation? have, ?w?ırlı? have ??ramda.

gift?was a youth?on?in ?to

Real?recto al?Orders will tell "T?wounds?a".

* * *

education?are not the type of ?Anat? Orynkhan,

?ha ??favor shea?to ?more shrimp?Meal.

T?ranyma ?even as support

M??gi,m??Conti ??regularly ?oldasın!

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