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(Kazakh) round table: "Actual problems of the introduction of the Latin alphabet"

round table: "Actual problems of the introduction of the Latin alphabet"

"Turan-Astana" of the department of psychology and the social sciences and humanities at the University of "specialty" Kazakh language and literature teachers 2018 year 16 March at 10.00 in the conference hall of the V208 "Actual problems of the introduction of the Latin alphabet and held a round table under the theme".
The purpose of the round table is based on the Latin script introduction of the latest version of the Kazakh language alphabet, The new current status and the future of the alphabet, it was to discuss teaching methods.
This event is the strategic development of the university, Vice President of Science and Innovation, tyekh.ғ.d., Professor was greeted T.Ä.Tolqınbaevtıñ. Round table "Turan" Vice-Minister of Education Corporation, e.ғ.d., professor O.ZH. Aliyev continued its opinion on the basis of the regularity of the Latin alphabet.
The work of the round table in Almaty, executive director of the Institute for the development of the state language, Candidate of Philology, Associate B. FROM. Kapal, Innovative Eurasian University vice-rector for social and youth policy, f.ğ.k. AT. A. Schneider, horse E.Buketov. Karagandy State University, head of Kazakh alphabet to Latin translation, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, f.ğ.k. MA. Tursunov mechanisms for the introduction of a new version of the Latin alphabet, Some letters expressed their views on the improvement of the online marking.
Also named Ş.Şayaxmetov Methodist national coordination and methodical center of development of languages, Master D. F. Ospanova on spelling, Nazarbayev University and head of the Department of Kazakh language and Turkic, Professor Yulay Şamïloglw and n. century. to., Assistant Professor Z.N. Zhumataeva stressed the international experience of the Latin alphabet.
"KazGUU" Kazakh University of the issues discussed in the social networks of the alphabet and the head of the department of Russian language, f. century. to. KS. Düsipbaeva and Ph.D., Associate A.ZH. Zekenova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate A.ZH. Dosanova terminated, "Turan-Astana" University professor of psychology and social sciences and humanities, p.ƣ.d. R. Aikenova and Ph.D., Associate Professor SO. Sïmbaeva shared their thoughts about the role of the Latin language in the field of medicine. And the Eurasian Institute for the Humanities, Kazakh and senior lecturer at the department of Russian philology, A Master. Alimbaev expressed his opinion about the concept of the person as part of a spiritual revival.
As well as Physics and Math. century. to., filos. Sciences. Doctor of, The International Academy of Informatization, University professor of RET D. A.. Aubakir and LN. Gumilyov am. Associate Professor of ENU, biol. Sciences. to. Ö.Z. Sagyndykov and associate professor at the University of "Turan-Astana" SK. Umarov is based on the Latin script Kazakh language has developed their own version of the alphabet.
The general theme of the round table discussed, efficient, was content.