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Evening Astana


Kazahstanovedenie interesting

and foreign scientists

In the "Turan-Astana" University held the traditional scientific conference "Kazahstanovedenie", which this time arrived guests from six countries near and far abroad


Venus Akbalaeva

The forum was conducted in three yazykaz: Kazakh, Russian and English. Themes of reports were impressive: "Economic reflection kazahstanovedeniya", "The literary - linguistic component kazahstanovedeniya", "Kazahstanovedenie in legal science", "Kazahstanovedenie through the prism of tourism: retrospect, modernity, perspectives ", "World kazahstanovedenie: past, the present, future".

All participants of the meeting agreed, that the problems of development of Kazakhstan and its identity remain relevant always. Especially in the current, a very difficult era.


currents AUBAKIROVA: "The people made the right choice"

Today, Kazakhstan has been recognized in the world community. The merit of Leader of the Nation – in the undeniable achievements in foreign and domestic policy. Despite the serious difficulties, Nursultan Nazarbayev has managed to bring the country to a new path of development, It marks the first Kazakh cosmonaut, "International? ?a?dream ", Hero of the Soviet Union, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor University "Turan-Astana" Currents Aubakirov

– Firstly, I would like to congratulate all Kazakhstanis on this remarkable holiday, symbolizing a high respect for the person of the Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbayev, an example of which should be to educate young people today. First President's Day is celebrated the second year. And I see, with some positive attitude he perceived the people, and therefore, It is ideologically right decision.

I worked for many years with the country's President, was his assistant and advisor. Saw, how huge his wish and desire to achieve more and more peaks in the development of our country. Sometimes I am struck by the exceptional performance, energy, which are inherent to our President. Nursultan Nazarbayev not just handing out orders, and require subsequent performance reports. He always tries to see himself all, check, to understand the essence of the matter. lead the country – it is very time-consuming process, requires constant monitoring of hundreds of different directions. But while almost nothing is out of sight of the Head of State. Nursultan Nazarbaev – principled and demanding leader. He strictly asked all officials, nevziraya rank and merit. This is another of its distinguishing feature.

Everyone remembers the slump in the economy after the collapse of the USSR. Kazakhstan was saved only that, that he had a very strong, pragmatic leader. Thanks to his ability to see, grasp and adopt all good, that is at the leading states of the world, The President was able to build an elaborate, effective policies. Although the internal and external resistance, lack of material resources, which greatly hindered the progress, Nursultan Nazarbayev took a chance and justified the confidence of his people.
He showed special will in attracting foreign investors to the country. everyone understands, that people with big money, usually, very careful. Nobody ever would invest their money in an unstable state. Kazakhstan also attracted foreign investments of its proper state national policy. Nursultan Nazarbayev, became for them a reliable guarantor.

We were lucky with the President. This opinion I have often heard abroad. Name Nursultan Nazarbayev is inextricably linked with the establishment of the sovereignty of our country. The advent of the First President's Day holiday means, we have become an independent, an independent state. once, almost the first time in its history,, Our people have made their
selection, and he was correct.

Nursulu Aubakirova

Crown metropolitan beauties

Beauty will save the world! In Kazakhstan ended the contest "Miss Tourism Kazakhstan 2013", the winner of which was the 21-year-old resident of the capital, student at the University "Turan-Astana" Asel Turzhanov. Now she will represent our country in the finals of the competition, the bright - Miss Tourism World-2013, which will be held in Equatorial Guinea 12 October.
About contest

It is worth noting, The contest "Miss Tourism" - is promoted global brand. Participation in it is very prestigious. This year it was held in Kazakhstan 17 by 27 September. Organizers say the Republican contest, that they tried to move away from the standard of beauty contests. This is evidenced by Format. Finalists for ten days with a team of professional photographers, video operator, stylists, Make up, designers traveled the most beautiful and interesting places in the northern region of the country, such Protected Areas, like a pig, Zerenda, Karkaraly National Park, lake Balkhash. The end point was the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana.

crowned Miss (www.vechastana.kz)

Student at the University "Turan-Astana" Asel Turzhanov brilliantly passed all the stages of the competition. Now she is studying in the fourth year of specialty "Tourism". Fluent in Russian, Kazakh and English languages, learn Turkish, is interested in travel, dancing - ballroom, pop and folk, books and fashion. It is engaged in a decorative sewing. To set goals is always trying to go with a smile and optimism.

Her knowledge in the field of tourism confirms occupied first place in the Fourth Republican Olympiad. AT 2012 Asel year won the title of Vice-Miss "Students", and when the announced contest "Miss Tourism Kazakhstan 2013", unconditionally decided to participate. Along with it is the desire expressed more 70 Girls from all over Kazakhstan. As a result, Asel won a record number of votes and with more 12 contestants reached the final.

At the international final of the competition, she will appear in outfits from designer Anar Mensiitovoy. this brand, founded in 2011 in England, It combines the splendor and charm of the East and at the same time rigor and restraint of the West. For the winner of the contest "Miss Tourism Kazakhstan 2013" fashion designer will create just two exclusive dresses - evening and stylized national.

This trip is waiting impatiently Assel. He wants to see himself in a beautiful dress, with flowers and a crown on his head. But the main goal - to adequately address and not let people, who believe in it. She wants to see New York, Istanbul, Italy. Native Astana considers the unique symbiosis of the best traditions of East and West, innovation and tradition, Risk and Rationality. Contest organizers have assured, because of the insecurity, armed guards will be given to African countries Assel.

The way the "straw"

Distinguished itself during the selection, another finalist from Astana. Asemgul Ibraeva will represent the beauty of Kazakhstani women in the new clip of Ukrainian musical project "Solomin" - special guests of the contest, who have spent with the finalists of "Miss Tourism Kazakhstan -2013" three qualifying days, and played two concerts as part of the beauty contest.

- The organizers of the beauty contest "Miss Tourism Kazakhstan -2013" kindly provided us with the opportunity to choose one of the finalists for the filming of our next video for the song "In the air we", - participants say "Solomin" project. - She became Asemgul Ibraeva , which won us not only dazzling beauty of the east, but also fun, incendiary character! Filming will take place in Kiev, and in the spring 2014 the year you can see the result of our joint, international creativity!

- After taking part in the finals of "Miss Tourism Kazakhstan 2013" I was wondering about the future work as a model, - shared with us Asemgul. - The contest took place at a very high level. We are working with a team of professionals stunning, who taught us a lot. I would also note, that the preparation of the "Miss Tourism of Kazakhstan" impressed me much more, than the "Miss Tourism Asia 2013", filmed in China.

Art - in private collections

Now photos finalists, made in the most beautiful places of our country, presented in the art gallery «Has Sanat». The photo exhibition will run until 10 October. All paintings are unique, since they embodied the unique landscapes of Kazakhstan. The works can be purchased in the private collection, part of the proceeds will go to charity.

According to the organizers, plans for the future - an international competition Miss Tourism World 2015 (Miss Tourism World 2015) in our country in the run-up to EXPO 2017 of the year.

dana Omarova,

Tamara Sergazina

From ideas to space

In the "Turan-Astana" University held a "round table" on the theme "From Idea to Space", timed to the Day of workers of science
The discussion was attended by the rector Gulzhamal Dzhaparova, Research Cosmonaut, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, ?mourning?the Republic of? international? ?a?Dream Tohtara Aubakirov, teachers and students of the University "Turan-Astana", as well as representatives of the "Zhas Otan" Youth Wing City Branch.

– In people, that aim to, way of life will have a direct and correct, – said astronaut.

During the "round table" Kazakhstan's first cosmonaut spoke about the latest achievements of scientists and engineers in space industry, as well as the main trends of international cooperation in this area.

Gulmira Isakova


That choice was correct

Open Day for graduates of schools and colleges of the city took place at the University of "Turan-Astana".

Wanting to get first-hand useful information were many – about two hundred. To future applicants were university leaders, leading professors, teachers and students.

The guests were told about the status and specificity of the university. It was observed, that the University "Turan-Astana" is in the top 15 best humanitarian and economic institutions as a result of the general rankings of the best universities in the country. Important now becomes the term "academic mobility". Educational trajectory of the student will be much richer, if he had an opportunity to train and learn from other universities, including abroad. Such a possibility is, in students, and the university is constantly expanding due to special agreements in Russia and abroad. After the official part of the graduates and their parents were able to ask all the questions.

The attention of the guests were offered guidelines to prepare for UNT, information booklets and other useful materials.

Gulmira Isakova
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