That choice was correct

Open Day for graduates of schools and colleges of the city took place at the University of "Turan-Astana".

Wanting to get first-hand useful information were many – about two hundred. To future applicants were university leaders, leading professors, teachers and students.

The guests were told about the status and specificity of the university. It was observed, that the University "Turan-Astana" is in the top 15 best humanitarian and economic institutions as a result of the general rankings of the best universities in the country. Important now becomes the term "academic mobility". Educational trajectory of the student will be much richer, if he had an opportunity to train and learn from other universities, including abroad. Such a possibility is, in students, and the university is constantly expanding due to special agreements in Russia and abroad. After the official part of the graduates and their parents were able to ask all the questions.

The attention of the guests were offered guidelines to prepare for UNT, information booklets and other useful materials.

Gulmira Isakova
Published 18.03.2013 17:18

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