(Kazakh) Winners of the Design Competition for mamındığı

3In accordance with the schedule of the Republican student Olympiad 2015-2016 academic year, April 7-8, 2016 at KazHACA, Almaty was held Olympiad on specialty 5В042100 Design. University “Turan-Astana” was presented to the winners of I stage University the following students

– Zhumagalieva Zarina gr.D-101-4 (based on E&PT), d / b

– Kaukenov Nurlan gr.Д402, d / b.

The science supervisor of the students is candidate of technical sciences, associate Professor of the Department “Design, Service and Tourism” Umralieva Bela Illarionovna

Olympiad on specialty 5В042100-Design was carried out in the form of assignments in the following disciplines:

3rd course Elements and processes of profile design: clausura on theme “Developing sketches of decorating books of the genre “fantasy” in hard cover;

4th course – Design of facilities of the profile design: clausura on theme “Development of sketches of the logo and elements of corporate style for the company, which produces food.

Clausura had to be performed in free technique, on the A1 within 4 hours.

In the Republican Olympiad on specialty 5В042100 Design was attended by 60 students from 15 universities of Kazakhstan. According to the results of the Republican Olympiad for clausura on “Developing sketches of decorating books of the genre “fantasy” hardcover” ІІІ place was won by the student of gr. D-101-4 (E&PT) Zarina Zhumagalieva.
1 The participants of the Republican Olympiad in the winter garden reading room KazHACA





2 The awarding of the student Zhumagalieva Zarina and supervisor Umralieva B. I. the diploma of the III degree.

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