The Faculty of Humanities and Law

The main task of the faculty is to give students in-depth knowledge of the fields of humanities and jurisprudence. The university’s aim for its first year students is that of fostering literate, strong, and mobile specialists. During studies at the faculty, first-year students receive thorough scientific and humanitarian training. Through a range of academic disciplines and study practices, they delve deeply into the content of their future careers. It provides the impetus for them to finish with their final professional choice. The faculty consists of three departments: The Department of «Social-Humanitarian Disciplines»; the Department of « Psychology»; and the Department of «Law Science». In the Faculty of Humanitarian Law five bachelor specialties and three master specialties are provided.

The Department of «Law Science» carries out the bachelor specialties 5В030300 «Jurisprudence» and 5В030200 «International Law» and the masters degree 6М030100 « Jurisprudence ».

In 2014, in accordance with the rating of the Center of Bologna Process, the academic mobility profile of the Faculty of Humanities and Law took the following places:

  1. Bachelor level
    - V “Translation studies” – 5th place
    - V “International law” — 5th place
    - V “Psychology” — 2nd place
    - V “Jurisprudence” — 7th place
  1. Master level
    - 6M010300 “Pedagogy and Psychology” - 3rd place
    - 6M011700 “Kazakh Language and Literature” - 3rd place
    — M “Jurisprudence” – 7th place

According to the Assessment of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR), the University of “Turan-Astana” was included in the national ranking of the best universities of Kazakhstan in 2014.

We wish all students and their parents success and the correct choice of university and hope that the national ranking of the best universities of Kazakhstan will help them in this choice!

Tel: 8 (7172) 39-73-39 – the Dean’s office of the Faculty of Humanities and Law