Department of "Psychology"


Department of "Psychology" takes its rightful place in the academic units of the University "Turan-Astana" system.

The main task of the department is: implementation of basic training of psychologists for practical, research and pedagogical work; training, retraining and training of highly qualified scientific personnel; conducting research on major trunk lines of modern psychology; coordination of research activities of psycho-pedagogical profile.

The main objectives of the chair is to organize training and teaching work on general, basic psychological disciplines, implementation of research activities in the field of fundamental and applied problems of psychology.

Department of "Psychology" provides training for bachelor's and master's "Psychology", «Pedagogy and Psychology». Education students majoring 5V050300 - "Psychology" is carried out in the Kazakh and Russian languages ​​on full-time training on the basis of the total, secondary vocational education, by correspondence on the basis of secondary vocational and higher education. Specialty 6M010300 - "Pedagogy and Psychology" and 5V050300- "Psychology" in 2014 It has successfully passed the national institutsionalnuyuakkreditatsiyu in Nezavimomkazahstanskomagentstvepoobespecheniyukachestvavobrazovanii (NKAOKO) for 5 years.

The purpose of the educational program 5V050300 – «Psychology» - providing conditions for professional education, professional competence in the field of psychology as part of the comprehensive scientific knowledge of man, aimed at forming proactive, innovative-thinking, adaptive to the changing conditions of the psychologist-specialist, the ability to realize progressive ideas, capable of performing research, Expert and diagnostic, organizational and managerial, educational, advisory activities.

The purpose of the educational program of the specialty graduate 6M010300 "Pedagogy and Psychology" – ensuring appropriate conditions for the training of highly qualified personnel in the educational sphere, having research skills, striving for continuous professional growth and personal development.


The main asset of the department is its teaching staff, featuring a high level of professional competence. Teachers of the department successfully combine teaching activities with intensive scientific work, As the authors as a major educational and methodical development and manuals, and scientific articles and monographs CAFTA nai, recognized by the scientific community.

At present, experienced teachers work at the department, carrying out scientific research, methodological, training, educational and vocational guidance: Ph.D., Associate Professor Kulzhabaeva LS; Ph.D., Aubakirova JK; Doctor of Education, Kadasheva KK, Ph.D., Zhantikeev SK, Ph.D., Abreleva MM; Ph.D., DS Shakhmetova; Ph.D., Mukushev SB; Ph.D., Badelj A., Ph.D., A Yelemessova. FROM.; Ph.D., Uteshova M. A.; Ph.D., Lisovskaya VA. etc.

Teachers of the department successfully combine teaching activities with intensive scientific work, As the authors as a major educational and methodical development and manuals, and scientific articles and monographs, recognized by the scientific community.

An important part of their research is the systematic participation in scientific conferences of different levels, including international scientific and scientific-methodological seminars: Moscow (Russia), Pechskiy University (Hungary), Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus), Istanbul European Institute (Turkey) and etc.

According to the results of the Bologna Process and Academic Mobility Center of MES, based on the ranking of universities for the most successfully implemented educational program of undergraduate and graduate, educational program 5V050300 – "Psychology" in 2014 year took second place. Specialty 6M010300 – "Pedagogy and Psychology" in an independent rating of Kazakhstan universities in the fields and levels of specialist training, conducted by an independent agency for accreditation and rating, ranked 3rd.


The department has a number of agreements on mutual cooperation in providing educational services within the framework of academic mobility programs on terms of mutual recognition of disciplines, modules, learners passed: Tyumen State University; Universiti Kuala Lumpur; Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University; University Chouard Sanzhы; The German Academy of Management and Economics; Kyrgyz State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports; Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics, etc..

Department of "Psychology" sells a diverse range of educational programs, training and development of professional psychologists - Bachelor, Master. Education at the department allows our graduates to take leading positions in various areas of psychological science and practice, and provides them with a competitive advantage in the relevant domestic and international labor markets.

The atmosphere of free scientific research and cooperation between representatives of different generations allow students not only receive excellent knowledge and skills in their chosen profession, but also contribute to the formation of high ethical and humanistic principles, personal responsibility and self-confidence. This is the mission of the department, which fully embodies the spirit of the fundamental university traditions and values.