Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

Faculty provides teaching of the humanities (Kazakh, Russian, English, German, history of Kazakhstan,
philosophy, sociology, political science), necessary for the formation of the competitive expert.
The department of social and humanitarian disciplines is both the issuing, which trains specialists
in the direction of “Kazakh Language and Literature”, “Translation Studies”. Head of the department
is a candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Kolumbaeva Zauresh Ermekovna.

ed-and-meth research

educational-work academics


The mission of the department “Social and Humanities” – Training globally competitive Kazakh
Translation studies specialists meeting modern requirements of humanitarian education.

The department of social sciences and humanities has 28 intellectual property patents.

Department of “Social and Humanities” provides training* in the following specialties:
BA course
5V011700 “Kazakh language and literature”
5V020700 “Translation studies”
MA race
6M011700 “Kazakh language and literature”

*Training is conducted on the basis of the state license MES №0137367 dated February 3, 2010,
the application to the state license number 0106993 dated 18 March 2010, №0106994 dated
18 March 2010, №0106988 dated 3 February 2010, the validity of the license -… without limitation .

The chronograph of the department:

  • In 2013, all specialties of the department “Social and Humanities” passed institutional accreditation
    in the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education
    (the IA certificate number 0026 from 01.06.2014);
  • In 2014, specialty 5B011700- Kazakh language and literature, 6M011700 – Kazakh language and
    literature, 5V020700 “Translation” received specialized accreditation in the Independent Kazakhstan
    Quality Assurance Agency in Education (Certificate № 0020/1 from 06.16.2014 city)
  • In December 2015, Associate Professor of social sciences and , PhD Dosanova A.Z .according to the
    results of the annual contest of MES RK was awarded the title “Best University Teacher.”