Department of "Tourism and service"


Department of "Tourism and service" provides training for bachelor's and master's of education "Tourism" program, «Design», "Socio-cultural service". Training is conducted on the basis of the state license MES.

In accordance with the results of the Center of Bologna process and academic mobility MES, based on the ranking of universities for the most successfully implemented educational programs of undergraduate and graduate, analysis showed a positive trend of educational programs: at 2013 year educational program "Tourism" by the level of graduate took 4 a place, Bachelor's degree – 8 a place; undergraduate educational program "Design" - 5 a place, undergraduate educational program "Socio-cultural service" - 3 a place.

The qualification specialists in each specialty corresponds to the qualification of state standards and the model curriculum.

The mission of the Department: tourism provision of training highly qualified specialists, marketing, Branding and Advertising, Business and Entrepreneurship.

The mission of the educational program "Tourism" – creation of conditions for preparation of competitive and highly educated professionals in the field of tourism industry, yurt ethno-tourism and local history, make important decisions independently for the realization of public and professional tasks in a single world educational space.

The mission of the educational program specialty graduate "Tourism" is aimed at ensuring conditions for the training of highly qualified personnel in the field of tourism industry, able to carry out management activities and develop skills for organizing and conducting scientific research.

specialty "Design" Mission Education Program – This training creative thinking, competitive specialists, possessing modern means, methods and forms of artistic design, allowing to create a harmonious subject - spatial environment.

Head of Department:

Ayapbekova Alia Eskermesovna – Cand, docent

All teachers of the department are experienced professionals with practical experience in the areas taught.