Every student studying at the university has the right for:

— to get an education according to the state general education standards;

— to communication on state, Russian and other languages of ethnic minorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

—to use libraries, information funds, services of educational, scientific and other divisions of higher education institution free of charge;

— to visit the actions organized in the university within educational work or rest of students;

— to earn moral or material encouragement and rewards, including representation on nominal grants (the President of Kazakhstan, T. Aubakirov, etc.);

— on respect for itself as to the citizen, the personality, the subject of educational process;

— on informing on the acts regulating training in higher education institution, and also an explanation of separate standard legal statuses;

— on legal protection in case of illegal actions of participants of educational process of any rank;

— to be elected in structure of the Academic council of university, organs of student’s self-government;

— on participation in improvement of educational process, leisure and life;

— on the academic holiday according to the current legislation;

— on transfer and restoration according to the existing Translation rules and the restoration which is trained in the organizations of education giving higher education;

— on confidentiality (at the request of the student) at information transfer about the facts of violations in teaching and educational process;

— on combination of training with work in non-study time and under conditions of high-quality mastering knowledge and strict implementation of orders of the dean and the rector;

— on obtaining the available information on employment and requirements of labor market;

— on providing with places in hostels in accordance with the established procedure.

Each student who studied at university is obliged:

— to know the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to be respectful to them;

— responsibly treats study – the main duty of the student;

—to know and observe provisions of the Charter of university, the Code of honor of the student of «Turan Astana» university, the orders and other standard and legal documents regulating teaching and educational process;

— to follow regulations and rules of accommodation in the hostel;

— to respect human dignity and opinion of students, teachers, the staff of higher education institution, tolerantly treats opinion of other persons;

— to be always accurate, to come to occupations in the appearance conforming to requirements of Regulations;

— not to allow in behavior possible acts of a physical abuse or threat of one over others, ill-treatment and each other insult, theft of property of others and higher education institution, aggressive or hooligan behavior (rough behavior, shouts, spittle, obscene abuse, etc.);

— to observe the academic honesty of the student, not to allow writing off, use of cribs and other illegal ways of obtaining information;

— not to allow forgery or data, distortion of the facts, lie, etc.;

— in due time (within several hours) to inform dean’s office on absence on classes in the arisen emergency circumstances with the subsequent documentary confirmation of existence of these circumstances (an illness of the student, need of sudden departure on family circumstances, etc.);

— strictly to meet terms of the contract about payment for training;

— as much as possible to use the possibilities of socially cultural and personal development which are available at university, actively to participate in public life;

— to observe a subject matter, without delay to attend classes;

— to strengthen image of capital higher education institution worthy behavior, educational and public achievements;

— to honor traditions of university, consciously to observe them, carefully to store and transfer to the next generations of students;

— not to allow the manifestations of national discord, extremist influences and actions violating human rights;

— to speak rated language and not to allow the use of the obscene speech;

— to lead a healthy lifestyle, to support and propagandize examples of a healthy lifestyle among contemporaries;

— regularly to pass fluorography inspection;

— to make thrifty use of property of university, to promote its safety;

— to take active part in actions for gardening and improvement of university and its territory;

— in due time and objectively to inform on the facts of violations in teaching and educational process.

In case of violations of provisions of “The code of honor of the student of «Turan Astana» University” the student can be punished, and at rough or numerous violations – is deducted from structure of students of university.

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