Material and Technical base

In 2013 a new academic building with total area of 4060,6 sq.m. is put into operation. Big lecture halls, computer classes, sports and event halls, the conference hall are located in here. Also there is a gym with apparatuses, a wrestling hall; an event hall with a capacity of 130 people and the conference room for 60 seats which is also supplied with the interactive equipment.

For supporting the educational process with material resources both the two buildings of the university have lecture halls with the interactive equipment, language laboratories, computer rooms, the hall of court sessions, the criminality’s testing area, a circuitry room, a auditorium of physics, studio of painting and drawing, a sewing workshop, a room of 1C-accounts, a psych diagnostics room, etc., equipped with modern technical means of training.

All computer rooms equipped with machines of new generation with liquid crystal 19 inch monitors which are connected in the local network and Internet. PPS, employees, students and undergraduates of university use the Internet free of charge and without restriction of time. Free wi-fi covers the both of the buildings.

Interactive boards, multimedia projectors, panoramic screens are installed in the class rooms.

All the divisions of the university are equipped with computers, printers, audio-video the facility.

The general book fund of library with educational, scientific and art subscriptions totals more than 300 000 copies of books. At the library there are certain books storages, 3 universal reading rooms for 115 seats, the CD hall equipped with 30 workstations connected to the Internet.

For publishing the educational and methodical notebooks, books, visual aids a mini-printing house equipped with the necessary facilities functions.

Location: second academic building
Quantity of seats: 70
Menu offers various range of dishes.
Dining room operating mode:
Monday through Friday: 9.00 — 18.00 h.
On Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00

The dormitory with all conditions for students works by the university:
reading room, restroom; kitchen and household room,
equipped with necessary household facilities; shower room.

The total area of sports center is 630 sq.m.,
Where 531 sq.m. are the very sports arena.
Male and female locker rooms, shower rooms, toilets are also on-site.

The event hall holds 392 person and supplied with the latest
equipment and technical facilities. The event hall
has a wardrobe and make-up room.
Conference room with the interactive equipment
and 60 seats.

First aid station of the university is located at the second building. An accident ward and a procedural room are in there. The station is supplied with the medical equipment with medicines enough for a case of need. Duties of control of sanitary and hygienic condition of the buildings, quality of food at the canteen, and also organization of sanitary and educational work and promotion of a healthy lifestyle are assigned to the health worker.

All buildings and constructions of university conform to the existing requirements of sanitary standards and fire safety. Conform to qualification requirements imposed to activity of establishments of education and requirements of the state obligatory standards.

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