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The service Office of the Registrar (OR) — independent structural division of university, carries out the organization of quality control of the knowledge which is trained. The office of the Registrar is engaged in registration of all history of educational achievements trained and provides the organization of all types of control of knowledge and calculation of its academic rating. Activity of Office is carried out according to the Law RK “About Education”, Rules of the organization of activity of higher education institutions, the Provision on Office the Registrar both the other standard and legal acts regulating educational process.

Main objectives of OR:

 the organization of formation of the individual curricula which are trained and control over the implementation of working curricula of specialties;

 the organization of process of registration and a re-registration on courses, management of confirmation of record of system on courses;

 the organization and carrying out intermediate control of the knowledge, calculation of the academic rating which are trained (annual translated GPA);

 registration and the accounting of history of the educational achievements which are trained for the entire period of training;

 the organization of a summer semester for satisfaction of needs for additional types training and elimination of the academic debt or a difference in training programs;

 the analysis and processing of results of examinations, transfer of results of session to the relevant dean’s offices for the analysis and the current work;

 organization and carrying out total state certification of graduates, registration and delivery of diplomas by it.

 filling of the forms of the state reporting under progress which are trained (F34, etc.);

 a transcript extract (the academic reference), the order and the accounting of issue of forms of the diploma, as well as confirmation of the issued diplomas;

At realization of credit technology of training the student becomes the active participant of all educational process, forming an individual trajectory of training.

The credit technology of training focused on providing to the student of a wide range of educational services and the organization of flexible system of training demands

entering of some changes into the organization of educational process. The main objective of Office of the registrar consists in assistance trained in achievement his main

the purposes – education on the chosen specialty with high quality of knowledge, abilities, skills and competences at close interaction of faculties of university.


Ozhekeneva Balnur Seitkumarovna


010000 Astana, 29 Dukenuly Str.

8 (7172) 39-81-18 (ext. 124)




Kainarbayeva Gulnara Bagasharovna

“Platonus” iS specialist

010000 Astana, 29 Dukenuly Str.

8 (7172) 39-81-18 (ext. 124)

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