Training courses

Preparatory courses are held in order to prepare graduates of secondary and post-secondary education of the current and previous years to a complex testing of entrants (KTA), organization and conduct of their professional orientation, as well as preparing students for further education on credit technology

Classes are conducted by university researchers, teachers “Turan-Astana”, as well as experienced teachers of secondary schools, who have many years of successful experience in preparation for CTA.

Do not miss your chance – become students of preparatory courses and you will make the right step on the road to professional success!

Objectives of training courses:

monitoring the level of the quality of students' knowledge of the test subjects;
closing the gap in knowledge on general subjects;
systematization of knowledge on the subject (KTA), familiarization with the procedure and the procedure of the introductory tests;
psychological adaptation to the process of entrance exams and learning in higher education.
The program of the preparatory department provides training for entry to their chosen specialty and is aimed at preparing students for entrance examinations the following subjects:

• History of Kazakhstan;

• Kazakh language;

• Foreign language (English);

• Mathematics;

• Russian language;

Organization of educational process is carried out in accordance with approved working curriculum and working training programs, which are developed in accordance with the requirements of the State educational standard of education.

training is conducted: the state and Russian languages;

course duration: 9 months.

Dates of courses: begining 1.10.14 - ending 28.06.15

Admission to the course is based on the entrance test in two subjects: "Kazakh language" or "Russian language" (language learning) and "Mathematics». Testing is conducted University (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to 25 September).

The number of tests in each subject – 25. The correct answer to each test task is evaluated as one score. The duration of the entrance test – 1 time 30 minutes. Test results are announced on the day of the meeting.

Citizen, who came to the entrance test, must present identification (passport).

Citizen, does not agree with the test results, may file an appeal.

The results of the entrance test considered by the Commission, composition is approved by the Rector.

To enroll entrant presents to the application a copy of the payment receipt of the first half.

An order of admission is issued in the period from the 25th to 30 September.

The student is considered enrolled after providing the following documents:

application for admission (the form 1);
original document of general secondary (overall average), initial vocational (Technical and Vocational), secondary vocational (post-secondary) and its annexes;
a copy of the document, identity;
2 photographs size 3×4;
medical certificate form 086-U, approved by the order of Acting. Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan 23 November 2010 , the number 907, registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan 21 December 2010 number of years 6697
To enroll entrant presents to the application a copy of the payment receipt of the first half.
Education for paid courses. Payment can be made at the same time - 140 000 tenge or by semester (September, February – by 70 000 tenge).

Requisites: TRN: 620300235314, BIN: 031140004668

KBE: 17, Branch: AO "BTA Bank" Mr.. Astana


IIK: KZ51319Y010000365157

With continued education at the University of "Turan-Astana" course provides students a discount 15% for tuition at 1 year of study.

Address: Establishment of the "University" Turan-Astana "

g. Astana, 010000, str. s. Dukenuly, 29, that. 221

Phone: 8 (7172) 39-51-10, 8-702-912-39-97.

How to get to the University? bus number 14, 42, 48 (to stop market "Asem").

leading teachers
Dear graduates of schools and colleges!

Leading teachers of the University "Turan-Astana" will help you prepare to pass the Unified National Test (UNT) and integration testing (CT) in the following disciplines: mathematics,history of Kazakhstan

Training on preparatory courses begins with 9 December 2013 g. languages ​​courses: Kazakh, Russian.

training course on 1 discipline is 24 hours per month.

cost of education 12 000 tenge
Documentation, required for admission to the courses:


2.copy of ID card or birth certificate student.

3. Receipt of payment of tuition fees.

More information can be found on the University website:

Preparatory courses are created for you!

We are waiting for you at:

g. Astana, str. s. Dukenuly 29

Phone: 8 (7172) 39-51-10, 39-52-10,

Fax: 8 (7172) 39-81-18


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