(Adopted at the meeting of the Academic Council of August 30, 2011, Protocol №1, amended and changed the decision of the Academic Council of “____” _________ 201__year. Protocol № ___).

This Regulation is intended to define the terms and procedure for the assignment and payment of scholarships named Tokhtar Ongarbaevich Aubakirov to students of the University, Hero of the Soviet Union, Halyk Kakһarmany, Soviet cosmonaut, Doctor of Technical Sciences (hereinafter scholarships named T.Aubakirov).

The aim of the scholarship – is to stimulate academic, research activities, material support of capable, talented, enthusiastic and disciplined full-time students with an active lifestyle, promote respect for the feat of national hero Tokhtar Aubakirov.


1 This regulation defines the conditions, the procedure for appointment and payment of nominal scholarships.

  1. Changes to this Regulation makes by decision of the Academic Council.
  2. Scholarship assigns to students of 1,2,3 courses who achieved stable progress in academic, research, extracurricular activities, in accordance with the Regulation.
  3. The scholarship appoints to one academic period (semester). Provided compliance with regulation the same student cannot qualify for the appointment of the scholarship for the second term.
  4. Scholarships appoints on a competitive basis.
  5. The competition commission creates from members of the Committee for Youth Affairs of the University.
  6. The application submits for the competition committee meeting of the Academic Council of the University, where a decision is made.

Presentation of the student for the scholarship named T. Aubakirov realizes by following:

2.1.1. 100% of attendance;

2.1.2. Positive results in learning;

2.1.3. A decent behavior in accordance with the student Code of honor of the University “Turan-Astana”;

2.1.4. Participation in public events organized by the University “Turan-Astana”;

2.1.5. Participation in scientific events held both inside the university and outside it, also at the regional, national and international levels;

2.1.6. Participation in vocational guidance work of the university;

2.1.7. Full and timely payment of tuition, the recommendations of the Youth Committee of the University, the recommendation of two teachers, curator-advisors recommendations, the recommendations of the General Meeting of the Faculty;

2.1.8. The winner of the ” T. Aubakirov’s Scholarship” simultaneously may be 5 students.

The University is authorized to suspend or terminate payment of scholarship in the following cases:

– Interruption of student learning,

– The availability of absences,

– The termination of student active public work.



3.1 The scholarship may be canceled before the deadline for breaches referred to the internal rules of the University “Turan-Astana” and the student Code of honor.


4.1. Authorized organization for the selection of candidates for the award of scholarships is the Youth Committee of the University “Turan-Astana”.

4.2. Authorized organization:
– Informs the students of the university to hold the competition and its results;
– Makes collection and obligatory registration of additional documentation of candidates for the Fellowship;
– Submits to the Academic Council on the submission of a list of fellowships, as well as the minutes of the meeting;
– Considers other issues arising in the course of preparation and holding of competitive selection;
– Coordinates the process of appointing scholarships.

4.3. The address of authorized organization: Astana, s. Dukenuly, 29, building 2 office 213 Phone: 870 233 332 030.



5.1. The commission of experts:
– examine the submitted documents for compliance with the requirements put forward by the participants in accordance with this Regulation;
– evaluate the submitted contest materials;
– if necessary, ask the candidate additional materials;
– generate a list of candidates for the award of scholarships;
– consider other issues arising in the evaluation of competitive materials.

5.2. Commission decisions are taken by open vote by a simple majority of the committee members present at the meeting.

In case of equality of votes “for” and “against” vote of the chairman is decisive.

If the member does not agree with the decision of the commission, he is entitled to demand reflection of his special opinion on the decision in the tender committee’s session protocol.

5.3. The commission’s decision is issued a protocol in two copies and signed by all members of the Commission who took part in the meeting.

5.4. Competition participants present their candidacy for an open vote among university students. Voting takes place on the appointed day with secret vote by a simple majority.

5.5. Five participants who obtained the largest number of votes, become contenders for the approval of the Academic Council.


6.1. Participant directs the packet of competitive materials to authorized organization, which include:

1) The idea of participating in the competition according to the regulation 1 (no more than 1 page.);

2) The participant questionnaire of no more than one printed page in accordance with the application;

3) a copy of the identity card, a copy of the test book;

4) Portfolio of participant consisting of the following documents:

– an essay: “If I become the owner of the scholarship of Hero of the Soviet Union, Halyk Kakharmany, cosmonaut-researcher, doctor of technical sciences, professor Tohtar Ongarbaevich Aubakirov … “(no more than 2 printed pages);·

– information about the most important events in the implementation of which the participant took (takes) part for the entire period of study at the university;

– information about the social activity of the participant in accordance with the regulation;

– copies of diplomas / certificates / other documents documenting participation and achieve the highest participant in competitive events;

– photos and videos about participation in activities carried out significant social and community activities (on CD / DVD-ROM to the discretion of the participant).

6.2. The documents are sent to the Tender Committee personally as a candidate for the first 10 days of the 2nd semester.

The materials sent by e-mail will not be considered.

6.3. Documents submitted after the deadline submission will not be considered.

6.4. Documents that do not meet the requirements of this Regulation shall not be considered and returned to the participant.

6.5. Following the results of Competitive selection the winners contest materials will not be returned. The materials of the winners returns personally. After 30 days from the date of approval of winners list contest materials not received by the participants, shall be destroyed. The shelf life of documents winners is – 1 year from the date of summing up (with the subsequent destruction).


Rector of “Turan-Astana” University
Professor G.A. Japarova
from the student of “___” group

full name


This is to request the participation in the competition for the possession of a scholarship named by Tohtar Ongarbaevich Aubaktrov, Hero of the Soviet Union, Halyk Kakharmany, Soviet cosmonaut, doctor of technical sciences.




Rector of “Turan-Astana” University
Professor G.A. Japarova

Introduction of

(Full name of the faculty) directs (name and surname of the candidate, department, specialty, course, group) to the competitive selection for the award to him (her) Tohtar Ongarbaevich Aubakirovs scholarships, Hero of the Soviet Union, Halyk Kakharmany, Soviet cosmonaut, doctor of technical sciences in 201_-201_ school year for ________________ (briefly indicates the merits and achievements of party socially significant and social activities of the university).

Position of the head signature clarification of signature



The questionnaire

of participants of competitive selection for award of the scholarship of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Halyk Kakharmany, Soviet cosmonaut, doctor of technical sciences, Professor tokhir Ongarbaevich Aubakirov.


Participant’s full name


Place of study (with an indication of the group / faculty, course)


Home, Mobile Phones




Public Association, a post member (if available).


Indicate your main achievements in socially important, career guidance and social activities of the University during the period of study.


What changes could you make in career guidance and social activities in the 2014-2015 academic year.

Date of completion ____________________

Signature participant _________________

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