Holiday of spring renewal in the University "Turan-Astana"

Nauryz - holiday of spring renewal in Kazakhstan. It originated among the peoples of the East long before the adoption of Islam, so devoid of religious ritual and direction. On the eastern calendar Nauryz – beginning of a new year, It coincides with the spring equinox.

For Kazakhs, this festival is a symbol of spring renewal, celebration of love, fertility and friendship.

The university within Nauryzabyl celebration of a number of measures, during which prodolzhalsyav 8 C11 days 19 Martha. As part of this celebration in the departments, faculties were held thematic curatorial hours, round tables, pageant "Kyz Zhibek" and more. 18 March was a contest for the best representation of customs and traditions of the Kazakhs. For faculty and staff of the University of figure 7 It has a deep philosophical meaning. Seven departments of the University participated in the competition to represent the traditions and ceremonies of Kazakh people. Festive decorations University, departments, assembly hall, people in national costumes gave the holiday a special touch.


To the audience and competent jury each division presented its dramatics. Contestants in the pageant showed one of the customs or traditions, performed songs and traditional dances. On this day, the hall is literally immersed in applause.

Chairs presented the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people: where to hang out, Rele, keynote, Şildehana, besik, Tsau antidote and the key. Members of the jury was quite difficult to determine the winner. Participants thoroughly prepared for the contest. At the professional level to perform the role. However, the jury still managed to determine the winner. The verdict of the jury was as follows: Department of "Law", who introduced the ritual of "Betashar", He was the winner, second place of jury has awarded the department "Tourism and service" for the performance of the rite "Teal Ashar", Department of "Psychology" got the third place for the ritual of "Tsaukeser".

At the final stage of the contest the university rector Professor Dzhaparova Gulzhamal Alkenovna congratulated all those present on the upcoming holiday Nauryz and handed to the winners of the competition cash prizes. First place was awarded the prize in the amount of 100 000 tenge, for second place - 70 000 tenge, Third place - 50 000 tenge.

It should be noted, that this event Gulzhamal Alkenovna also handed certificates to the winners of the contest "The best teacher of the month", which takes place in the "Turan-Astana" University monthly. Certificate "The best teacher of the month" and monetary awards in the amount of 50 000 tenge this time got a Ph.D., Associate Professor of "Jurisprudence" Tlembaeva Jeanne Urumbasarovna and assistant professor of "Information Technology" Abishev Olzhas Amangeldievich.

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