Office of Student Affairs

Sauranbayeva Meruyert Toktasynovna

Chief of the office of student affairs

Kartkozhakova Aigul Sagyndykovna

The student’s department is structural division educational and methodicalmanagements are also provided by the centralized registration of personal records and orderson staff of students of internal, correspondence forms of education.


Staff of student’s department provides:

 preparation of orders on students to internal, correspondence forms of education;

 drawing up reports on staff of students,

 maintaining the magazine of registration of diplomas about incomplete higher education;

issue of documents to the deducted students transferred to other higher education institution

finished training;

 issue of roundabout sheets.

In student’s department it is possible to issue:

 contract for receiving paid educational services, additional

the agreement to the contract for receiving paid educational services;

 application for providing the academic holiday;

 the application for granting a child care leave, holiday on

to pregnancy and childbirth (it is provided to students mothers);

 the statement for the transfer from one higher education institution to another; from one form of education

on another, from one educational program on another;

 the statement for restoration in Turan Astana university;

 copies of the documents which are available in a personal record;

The main objectives of department are:

 organization of qualitative and effective system of the personal account

contingent of students of all forms of education;

 participation in work of the commission on the translation of students;

 implementation of enrollment of students on private matters;

 development of standard, information and organizational documentation

on the movement of student’s structure, both on internal, and on correspondence to forms


 rendering the methodical help to structural divisions in limits the competence;

 implementation of the organization of qualitative and effective system of the personal

accounting of the contingent of students of Turan Astana university;

 maintaining a databank about quantitative and qualitative structure of students;

 implementation of enrollment of students on private matters

The main normative documents regulating activity of department:

 The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About education”;

 The resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of August 23, 2012,

No. 1080 “The state obligatory standard of the higher education”;

 Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

 Standard Regulations of Admission in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

 The order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan of January “20”

2015, No. 19 “The translation rule and the restoration which is trained on types of the organization of education”

 The order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December “4”

2014, No. 506 “Rules of providing the academic holiday to the trained

in the organizations of education”.

 Orders and orders of the management of Turan-Astana university

Activity of student’s department is supervised by the chief of educational and methodical management and vice rector for study.

The student’s department interacts with all divisions of university on purpose obtaining necessary information for performance of the tasks set for department.

Main activities of student’s department:

 Maintaining personal records of students during the entire period of their training at university:

 reception of personal records from a selection committee;

 an investment in personal records of extracts from orders and the relevant documents;

 preparation and transfer of personal records to archive;

 issue to students of documents on education;

 control of the movement of the contingent of students, correct and timely registration of orders;

 preparation and issue to graduates of documents on education;

 consultation of students at registration of the academic holiday, the admission to delivery of a difference for further restoration in number of students, the translation from one

 faculty on another, from one higher education institution in another, at transfer to other form of education;

 Registration on request of students and persons which were earlier trained in higher education institution, the references about training, duplicates of diplomas and annexes to the diploma.

In the course of execution of functions the student’s department interacts:

With department of planning and the organizations of educational process:

 providing data on the contingent of students for calculation of hours;

 coordination of orders according to subjects and heads of final works.

About office registrar:

 obtaining diplomas, annexes to diploma.

 transfer, assignment, transfer of students from higher education institution in higher education institution, from specialty on

specialty, providing the right on repeated training, granting the academic

 holidays, consultation of students concerning providing holidays

on pregnancy, child care leaves, in connection with service in ranks

Armed forces

 The Republic of Kazakhstan and the academic holidays on other social problems;

 registration of statements of students

 purpose of the academic and social grants;

With dean’s offices:

 observance of requirements of standard provisions;

 the publication of orders on the student’s contingent;

 reports on the movement of the contingent of students;

 data on results of test examinations, total state certifications.

With accounts department:

 providing orders on the student’s contingent.

 Issue of documents on the previous education

For obtaining documents on education with the appendix about the previous education

from archive of university, it is necessary to address to the specialist of student’s department.

(case B, 2nd floor, office 218).

Day of delivery: Friday with 15.00-17.00

It is necessary to pay attention that documents on the previous education are issued

directly to the owner of the document in the presence of the roundabout leaf signed with all

structural divisions.

To the third parties documents are issued only in the presence of the power of attorney certified

notary, statements of the owner of the document and roundabout leaf.

Contact Information:

8 (7172) 39-81-18 (aud.108), 31-09-58


Astana, Y. Dukenuly St., 29

Case B, 2nd floor, office 218

Reception hours:

Monday — Friday: 9:00 — 17:00

Saturday: 9:00 — 13:00

Break: 13:00-14:00

Issue of documents from archive

Friday 15.00-17.00

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