The Educational and Methodical Management (EMM) is the structural division of University coordinating and controlling work on the organization of educational process on the basis of credit technology of training.

In the activity to EMM is guided by normative legal acts of MES RK, requirements of GOSO RK, the ISO 9001:2000 MS standards, the Quality manual of University, the Strategic development plan of Turan Astana University for 2011-2020.

Main objectives EMM:

To promote a performance of the mission of university on training of competitive experts according to national and international standards of education.

EMM main functions:

— carrying out Policy, Purpose and Mission of university;

— participation in activities of university for providing the organization of teaching and educational process according to requirements of GOSO RK, internal normative documents;

— realization of action for development and deployment of new conceptual approaches in the organizations of educational activity, continuous improvement of process of training, improvement of quality of providing educational services;

— ensuring introduction in educational process of the last achievements of science, equipment and the latest innovative technologies;

— assistance to improvement of quality of the provided educational services by means of introduction of progressive educational technologies, effective forms, methods and tutorials;

— the organization of works on development and the statement of modular educational programs for specialties of a bachelor degree and magistracy and on the basis of a choice, and the registration which are trained for modules (disciplines) to prepare working curricula for academic year;

— providing conditions for training of highly skilled, competent and competitive bachelors and masters, not only on internal, but also in the international labor market.

Enter into structure of Educational and methodical management

  1. Department of planning and organization of educational process;
  2. Office registrar;
  3. Student’s department.

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