Evening Astana


Kazahstanovedenie interesting

and foreign scientists

In the "Turan-Astana" University held the traditional scientific conference "Kazahstanovedenie", which this time arrived guests from six countries near and far abroad


Venus Akbalaeva

The forum was conducted in three yazykaz: Kazakh, Russian and English. Themes of reports were impressive: "Economic reflection kazahstanovedeniya", "The literary - linguistic component kazahstanovedeniya", "Kazahstanovedenie in legal science", "Kazahstanovedenie through the prism of tourism: retrospect, modernity, perspectives ", "World kazahstanovedenie: past, the present, future".

All participants of the meeting agreed, that the problems of development of Kazakhstan and its identity remain relevant always. Especially in the current, a very difficult era.


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